A picture for Grandma


My mom got this outfit for Jonah for the mere purpose of taking a picture in his "santa suit"....so this one's for you mom.
Merry Christmas!!

Thru the eyes of a child


This Christmas was special-as it was Jonah's first. It was low key, but one we will always remember. The idea of a "first" Christmas was surreal to me. Days leading up to Christmas morning, I've been pondering of what makes Christmas special. The first glimpse of the tree, the excitement of Christmas morning, hearing the story of baby Jesus. All these point to an innocence that is so real. The idea of seeing it through the eyes of a child gave me a different outlook on the joy of Christmas. It was such a gift in itself to watch Jonah experience all that Christmas has to offer.

Christmas eve we went to church. We experienced a candle lit service while Jonah, all dressed up in his cute outfit, played in the nursery with other little ones. The service was beautiful. I stopped and listened to the Christmas hymns and couldn't dismiss the presence of my Grandma and Grandpa and the memories they gave me as child during Christmas time. Every year, my Grandpa would read the Christmas story. I'd sit on his lap and sometimes he'd even let me recite the story. Looking at the candles lit around me, I hoped that in the years ahead and within my lifetime I would bestow a memorable tradition for Jonah during Christmas, as my grandparents did.

Christmas morning was full of excitement as Jonah would get excited about each gift. Stockings were opened and every gift was new and something to take in. Of course he enjoyed all the paper and bows that surrounded the new, exciting toys. We'd have to take away each new toy in order to open another gift. Jonah even got a little taste of his first cinnamon roll-a tradition we have to make on Christmas morning.

As I sit and ponder wether or not I did it all right-if the traditions were made, if the right movies were watched, if the ornaments were placed correctly on the tree..I realize that it truly isn't all about the "necessities" of Christmas. It's the innocence and joy that is present that matters. I believe Jonah experienced all that. God asks us to have a child like faith. I've realized this year that if Christmas gives us all a glimpse of a child's innocence, then the birth of His son brings more to the meaning of Christmas then we already know.

Jonah's first glimpse of Santa..


Thanksgiving just needs family

Patrick's dad came to visit this year for the week of Thanksgiving. It was so great to spend time with him. We all enjoyed watching him interact with Jonah. Jonah had a chance to play, share cheerios, and cuddle with his PopPop.

We had planned on heading down to Oregon this year, but the weather inhibited us from driving down. We were afraid the weather might keep Allan from catching his flight back to NC a few days after Thanksgiving. So, this Thanksgiving turned into a different one at best. I was a little sad, knowing that Jonah wasn't going to be able to experience all that Thanksgiving has to offer-the feast of food and time with other family members, but we made the best of it. Afterall-Thanksgiving is about sharing time with those you love. We went out to eat, and I did manage to get some turkey and pumpkin pie.

And and added bonus?! Patrick let me whip out all the Christmas decorations one day early...needless to say I enjoyed our first Thanksgiving, soon to be Christmas, as a family.

Not on the fence this year...


To be honest, every year I am on the fence about what to do for our Christmas card. Some years, as you might have seen in the past, my creativity flows and I make individual, crafty cards. (All of you somehow know that I have NO TIME for that these days:) Some years I have sent a letter to update all of you what that year has brought the Hancock household. This year, I am so excited to have the chance to send out photo cards with the help of Shutterfly! They have so many to choose from and so many options.

Of course, since I have already decided to send a photo card I am on the fence of which one to choose! Do I send this one or this one here? Or maybe this?

Scrolling through all the options online has given me so many ideas for Christmas gifts as well! As a gift for Patrick's mom this past year, we made her a photo book of photos we've captured of Jonah. Since she lives on the East coast, she cannot see him as often as she would like. It was such a great gift to give-one to put on her coffee table, or someplace special for friends and family to see often. You can upload your own photos, and personalize them into cards, calendars, photo mugs, you name it!

So-keep your eyes open for some gifts and the Hancock holiday card in your mailbox soon! And for all of my blogger friends-there's no question that I'll be receiving a photo card from you too!! Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up: http://bit.ly/sfly2010.

Jonah's first Halloween


I recently took Jonah to get some photos of him in his first Halloween costume. I think he's the cutest little dinosaur I've ever seen..but that's just me!!

Pumpkin Patch 2010


It was a first for all of us this past Saturday, as we headed out to Scholz Farms in Orting to visit the pumpkin patch! We had a chance to look at some farm animals, see all the different types of seasonal vegetables, and of course, pick out our pumpkins! Jonah didn't really know what to expect as there was so much to look at-but near the end of our visit he seemed to realize what fun it was and gave us a few smiles. We are already looking forward to next year!

First case of the "sickies"...


Jonah has officially had his first case of the "sickies". Although his first case is a bad one at that. Poor little guy. I noticed his breathing was sounding difficult a few days ago and he carried what seemed to be a huge amount of congestion. So-I took him to the doctor and sure enough, his first cold has turned into a little bit more. :( He was diagnosed today with croup. Along with that, a more scientific diagnosis is that he has reactive airway disease, which is a broad way to say that his lungs are reacting and constricting to something. In this case, the dreaded croup. Here he sits undertaking a nebulizer treatment procedure. A device is used to administer medication in the form of mist, inhaled into the lungs. Equipped with an at home nebulizer machine, we hope this mild case of croup will disappear and Jonah will be back to breathing freely in no time. I know it might have been silly to capture him in this moment, and he might resent me later for taking the photo, but who could resist this cute face?

the Wonderful world of Solids


Jonah started eating solids about a month ago. He slowly has progressed from rice cereal to several different types of fruits and veggies. Some are more welcomed than others:) I've enjoyed making the food myself. Every minute of the process has been fun-from picking the fresh/local produce, to steaming, baking, pureeing, and storing! I not only have found great comfort in knowing exactly what is being put in that little growing body of his, but have realized it is significantly cheaper to do it on my own. A great online resource I have used can be found here-it lists what is appropriate to feed your little one at each stage, recipes, and tips in preparing homemade baby food. I look forward to the many more foods, tastes, and textures he will soon begin to discover.

All things Arbonne


One of the main reasons I haven't kept up to date on my postings is that most of my time has been devoted to the re-launch of my Arbonne business! For those of you who aren't aware, I started Arbonne back in 2007 and built a district in as little as 6 months. At that time, I was still working 40 hours a week. To say it straight, "life happened" and it amounted to the fact that I didn't have the time I wanted to devote solely to my business. I stepped down in 2008 but still continued to provide Arbonne with my loyal clients. Now, being a stay at home mom, I have more time to devote to my business and am overly excited!

Truthfully, this decision to re-launch hasn't been easy. I have really struggled with the desire to contribute financially to my family. Patrick and I are stable enough for me to stay home, but personally I want to make a difference. I loved being in activity, sharing Arbonne with others. I want to have a place an
d share that difference with others. I prayed about it and know that God has given me the "go-ahead". So-with two feet in, I plan to have my re-launch party in October! I've been reviewing, learning, and actively speaking to those around me what Arbonne is all about! If you haven't heard, or I haven't told you already, I'd love to share that difference Arbonne's products have with you.

Summer update

Well, it's been a while since I have posted anything new, so I thought I'd catch all of you up on what has been happening in the Hancock household! Patrick has been training in Altus, OK for the majority of the summer. He's been at Aircraft Commander Airdrop and Instructor Pilot school. Needless to say, it's been hard without him here. Jonah and I stay busy though and have kept ourselves very occupied as we eagerly wait for Dad to come home! We've made several trips down to Oregon to spend time with family, spent time with friends, and have precious moments together. Jonah has grown up so much this summer already. He has ventured into the wondrous world of "solids" and enjoys trying new foods. He has mastered holding his head up, enjoys rolling over, and is extremely vocal! Here are a few snapshots I've taken this summer.

Dinner with the fam


This past Saturday night my parents, my brother KC, Jonah and I all went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was great to spend time with KC, as he leaves shortly for border patrol training in NM. It's always great to get snapshots of family-even if it took a bit of convincing for my brother to crack a smile. :)

A weekend in Leavenworth, WA


This past weekend Jonah and I had a chance to get away for a bit and head up to Leavenworth, WA. My friend Bree and her son, Cody (he is 3 weeks older than Jonah) invited us to a weekend away up at their cabin. Bree and I had the chance to do some shopping, get some good food, and spend some quality time with the boys. Her parents were up at the cabin too and went along with us to partake in Jonah's first time swimming! Both Cody and Jonah were troopers, despite being tired and wanting to nap. It truly was a much needed get away. Here are a few photos we took.

"Mom-do I have to wear this?"

"Um..not so sure about this..Cody, what do you think?"

"Okay..this isn't that bad-it's kinda fun!"

..best buds tuckered out from an afternoon of swimming!

Time with Grandpa


When I was home my dad made sure to spend some time with Jonah, letting him know that "us guys need to stick together". It was cute seeing Jonah respond to my dad. Here are a few snapshots.

First trip..Oregon bound


For the 4th of July, Jonah and I headed down to Oregon for a few days to visit Grandma, Grandpa, friends and family. It was great to see friends and meet new faces. For it being our first road trip, Jonah did pretty well! And of course, Grandma was all ready for his stay-equipped with diapers, pack n' play, and swing! Here are a few pictures we took while visiting with friends and family.

Jonah with Great Aunt Barb

..loving Aunt Julie

..hangin' with Grandpa and lounging with "auntie" Monika