bedtime playfulness


Jonah has become very playful around bedtime--he enjoys time spent with daddy and his new game of 'chase'. I took a video of him just playing a bit before bedtime the other night.  I love how he keeps going back to find Patrick in the hallway, only to be chased quickly away.

Little moments like these allow me to look at the simple things in life and enjoy them.  It lets me see my child's innocence-and reminds me to not let the complexities and busyness of routines overwhelm me. I could be worrying about the laundry, dishes, or emails that need response, yet here a simple game makes my little man grin with happiness.

Enjoy watching his playfulness.


justmejuli said...

ahhh, i kept saying run Jonah run, how cute,, just love em at this age, their so cute, and expressions are adorable. and how they run and smile. and even their laugh is so wonderful. loved it.. now we need a vid of mama and daddy.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! Aaron and I could not stop cracking up at this. We love this little man!


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