Planes, trains, and cars...


With the exception of a few pictures and personalized wall art the nursery is finally complete! I really cannot take much credit for it though. Patrick was the one who painted, replaced the floor boards to white, installed the ceiling fan, installed the closet organizer, put the curtain rod up, put all the furniture together, and installed the hardware! I just sat back and watched anxiously! :) A big thank you goes to my mom. She made the curtains and pillows-aren't they cute?! They turned out perfect in my eyes:) I truly am grateful for all the hard work Patrick put into our little guy's room. He knew exactly how I wanted it to be and made sure I was happy. It makes me appreciate my wonderful husband even more:) Now we just have to wait for his arrival-we are ready!

I love the pillows-they match perfectly. Thanks, Mom!

I love this airplane dresser hardware-great find on!

I think our little guy will have more clothes than me!!