our little Superman


Jonah was Superman this year.  (don't you love his slicked back hair...we thought it was an added touch) 
It was his first year to actually go out and trick-or-treat.  He was a pro..such a big boy he is turning out to be.

Halloween preview

a connection


This past week was monumental. With my heart racing, I stepped off a plane to meet my family in Oklahoma. So many emotions, words of prayer, and thoughts ran through my mind those two minutes as I walked to the end of the terminal. But, sitting down to reflect on this past week, I surprisingly feel as if I handled the vast amount of emotions fairly well.  Yes, there were moments of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.  The "what ifs" and worries were present too.  But the moments of clarity were the ones that held me together.  The moments where I was able to stop and reflect that this IS in fact happening made me come to surface.  This is real.  These beautiful people around me are my family. This dream of mine has come true. All the years where I wondered--I was here NOW to see the wonderment of it all.

Until this past Wednesday, I only had pictures to go by.  This week I was given so much more--I was able to experience a connection I didn't know existed.  I was able to hug the beautiful woman who carried me for 9 months so many years ago, look into the eyes of my brother whom I share with, sit and laugh with my twin sisters--it was surreal. I saw the similar traits we share-- the enjoyment of a good Dr. Pepper, our musical rhythm, the disgust for Alfredo sauce, the shape of our toes, the excitement of a good bargain..the list could go on...and I love it all.

We all had a chance to visit, go out to dinner, sit and talk, watch movies, and enjoy each other's company.  I was given the grand tour of Owasso--where the girls live with their families. I met my beautiful mother, brother-in laws, a sister-in law, nephews, and nieces while in Oklahoma. My brother and mom showed me around Tulsa, took me to my first flea market, and I got my first taste of my mom's amazing cooking. (Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!!!)

Overall--it was a trip I will never forget.  I miss each and everyone of them as I type this.  My brother noted the feeling well saying, "it is crazy how you meet someone for the first time, but miss them like they have been there since the beginning..." 

I guess the connection he speaks of now lies in my definition of family.

Jonah's snorts


Took this video the other day while waiting in the car...

..watch towards the end. Jonah's interpretation of what a "piggy" says is pretty cute. 
(You know you are a biased mom when you think your son's snorting is cute...)