Not on the fence this year...


To be honest, every year I am on the fence about what to do for our Christmas card. Some years, as you might have seen in the past, my creativity flows and I make individual, crafty cards. (All of you somehow know that I have NO TIME for that these days:) Some years I have sent a letter to update all of you what that year has brought the Hancock household. This year, I am so excited to have the chance to send out photo cards with the help of Shutterfly! They have so many to choose from and so many options.

Of course, since I have already decided to send a photo card I am on the fence of which one to choose! Do I send this one or this one here? Or maybe this?

Scrolling through all the options online has given me so many ideas for Christmas gifts as well! As a gift for Patrick's mom this past year, we made her a photo book of photos we've captured of Jonah. Since she lives on the East coast, she cannot see him as often as she would like. It was such a great gift to give-one to put on her coffee table, or someplace special for friends and family to see often. You can upload your own photos, and personalize them into cards, calendars, photo mugs, you name it!

So-keep your eyes open for some gifts and the Hancock holiday card in your mailbox soon! And for all of my blogger friends-there's no question that I'll be receiving a photo card from you too!! Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

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