a love:hate relationship


See the photo above? We have a love:hate relationship. I honestly do enjoy these fun colorful round balls. They have thus far provided my son countless hours of fun. In their original package they happily accompany a helicopter--giving access to the joy of popping them into the top and allowing it to spin, "vroom", and provide an audible sensation of a helicopter at its best. Since then these balls have gotten lost amongst the other cars, Legos, and planes in Jonah's toy box. To be honest, I haven't seen much of them.  Other toys have found their way to the top of the pile to entertain and peak interest. Since the event explained below, I have allowed my imagination to wonder and have made many comparisons to that of the toys in 'Toy story'--feeling abandoned and dismissed. So, it's understandable their reasonings behind the dreadful scheme they devised.  Quite sad what a toy will do to receive recognition these days, I tell ya..

Despite their ability to entertain, they equally somehow persuaded my son and his unknowingly toddler mind to believe it would be fun to immerse both of them into the cold, germ infested porcelain bowl of our downstairs bathroom.  Furthermore, they sunk themselves deeper into the pipes of the toilet to ultimately stop any usage ability.   After a gruesome week or so, Grandpa came to their rescue and dislodged the toilet to ultimately free them from their deserving discomfort.  I sit here hoping these fancy, egotistical objects learned a lesson or two--Something along the lines of understanding the havoc one can bring upon a mother who has no idea or understanding of a toilet's anatomy, let alone how to unravel a wire hangar and attempt revival.


So--after a serious consideration of throwing these objects into the trash for good--I  have come to a conclusion.  In all fairness I will forgive these colorful toys. After all, I cannot disclaim the fun and happiness they have given to my little guy. I would miss the unending acknowledgement of a, "ball!!" around the house--it just wouldn't be the same. So, after a good punishment of bleach, (to of course clean them of any remaining toilet residue or pride, whichever the greater) I will allow the fun to commence once again into the hands of Jonah, (who, mind you, was a culprit himself and was given a stern talking to) with the bathroom door shut.   I might even drop them into the toy box and allow them to sink to the bottom...but that would be mean and wasn't abandonment the seed that sparked this joyous event?

A love:hate relationship at it's finest.  Don't you agree?