about Us

My name is Sarah. I love the Lord and believe that without Him, my world would be in utter chaos and lost.  There is no doubt that He has set the foundation of my life and continues to lead me with best intentions.  My beautiful family consists of Patrick, my incredible husband of 7.5 years and an adorable 10 month year old, Jonah. All things different from the corporate world a year or so ago, I am now a stay at home mom.  It is my new love.  The idea that I can experience joy, and laughter each day with my son--all day, everyday-- is a complete blessing.  I love to run, cycle, swim-or basically do anything that involves me being active, and sportin' a good sweat.  I hold an outspoken side of me--those close to me can attest to that--but like to say that my quiet and reserved times are the ones where my true character and growth is built.  

Patrick is a C-17 USAF pilot.  In all truth, he absolutely loves what he does.  His dream of being a pilot launched very early in life, and his determination and drive is what has got him there.  Yep-he's the guy who's favorite movie could possibly be 'Top Gun', loves anything on the History channel, and is a kid at heart. (that trait is evident as he constantly reminds me of his love for toys and cannot wait for the day he can play legos or micromachines, or GI Joe's with Jonah..really play--like build guy "stuff") He also enjoys cycling, and in his spare time--which isn't too often--enjoys working on the 1967 Mustang lounging in our garage. His laid back persona balances mine and keeps me grounded. 

God knew to bless us with Jonah and He has in more ways than one.  Each day, it fathoms me how blessed I am to have an incredible family, be a mother, and see him grow. Jonah is quickly becoming a little man.  He is currently in that stage of curiosity, and definitely puts it to the test.  His smile each and every day is something Patrick and I look forward to.  

In all actuality, writing here is my own escape.  I pondered on the idea a while ago and just recently have enhanced my own creativity within it.  When I say, 'escape'-I mean, my "go-to" when Jonah is napping upstairs. :) Aside from that, I have found that blogging is truly for me and my selfish pleasures. Putting down our life experiences and joys is something for me to look back on and smile, laugh, cry, or even roll my eyes at. I've found that life happenings are often taken lightly-and as I get older, I want to stray away from that.  Of course I enjoy sharing our life experiences with you, otherwise I wouldn't be here.   I hope you enjoy my niblets, thoughts, and posts on our lives and family.  Its something that makes me smile and hope it allows you the same.