First case of the "sickies"...


Jonah has officially had his first case of the "sickies". Although his first case is a bad one at that. Poor little guy. I noticed his breathing was sounding difficult a few days ago and he carried what seemed to be a huge amount of congestion. So-I took him to the doctor and sure enough, his first cold has turned into a little bit more. :( He was diagnosed today with croup. Along with that, a more scientific diagnosis is that he has reactive airway disease, which is a broad way to say that his lungs are reacting and constricting to something. In this case, the dreaded croup. Here he sits undertaking a nebulizer treatment procedure. A device is used to administer medication in the form of mist, inhaled into the lungs. Equipped with an at home nebulizer machine, we hope this mild case of croup will disappear and Jonah will be back to breathing freely in no time. I know it might have been silly to capture him in this moment, and he might resent me later for taking the photo, but who could resist this cute face?

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