Jonah's birth story


I know this is out of order, but lately I have felt the need to document important events in our lives. Not only for me, but for my family. Jonah's birth story is no exception:)

On April 9th, 2011, my due date, I had my routine 40 week office visit.  My doctor was extremely surprised to see me in the office, as she was convinced that I would deliver him early.  I had been 2 cm dilated, and 80% effaced for three weeks now. I had endured some Braxton hicks and minor contractions, but not enough to be admitted. My doctor understood I was uncomfortable and let me decide what day to schedule my induction that next week.  She gave me the option of Monday or Thursday.  I knew the 12th was a good day, (you can read the reasoning behind this here and here) and I just wanted to see our son and not be pregnant anymore, so Monday it was.  I was to call on Monday morning to see what time the nurses could fit me in to start my induction.  I called bright and early around 6am and they said they would call me back. We received the call around 8am, asking if we could be there at 9am to start the induction.

We arrived at Good Samaritan Hospital  at 9am.  They checked my current dilation and started the Pitocin around 9:15am.  At 3cm, I already had a good start. A few hours later, my contractions were stronger and the pain worsened.  I called for medication, and the nurse injected Demerol into my IV. I was in heaven--well..quite the opposite, but the pain magically turned into a warm, fuzzy, sleepy sensation. I remember asking Patrick to please take my socks off.  He told me I didn't have any socks on. I just smiled, mentioned something about salty french fries and dozed off to sleep for a good 2 hours. When I woke up, the nurse checked me, and I was around 5 cm.  I decided to then call for my epidural. Being absolutely sickened at the thought of needles, I never saw the epidural needle, but Patrick did and said it was huge. Once I received it, I progressed quickly.  Within two hours I was at 8cm, and an hour and a half later, I was ready to push.

Within that time frame of quick progression, the contractions did get stronger and a little unbearable.  I remember my mom came in to see me, along with my brother.  I remember the muffled sounds of their voices, as I sat, concentrating, breathing in and out, trying to get through the strong and long contraction. It was then that I realized this was really happening.

Once it was time to push, the nurse instructed Patrick how to help and count when I had a contraction. I started pushing around 6:15pm. Around 6:45pm, the nurse wanted me to lay on my side to try and re-position him. Patrick was there to hold my hand and wait for about 30 minutes.  Around 7:15pm I started pushing again.  There was a moment where the nurse mentioned that he wasn't progressing down very fast and that she mentioned the possibility of 'help'; using forceps. She left the room for a good minute or two, while Patrick and I continued to push. I was determined.  I did not want any 'help'.  I remember looking at Patrick with determination and decided that this next set was going to be it--we wouldn't need any 'help'. We were going to do everything in our power, along with God's strength, to do this on our own. She came back in the room and Jonah had sensed that determination and turned nicely into place. She called and Dr. Wong came in about 15 minutes later to deliver Jonah.

Jonah Allan Hancock arrived at 8:44pm. He was 8.3 pounds, 21.5 inches long. I delivered him transverse. I always say  he wanted to come into this world with purpose-both shoulders forward and ready! Hearing his cry was amazing. A feeling I'll never forget. Once checked, the nurse placed him on me to hold.  When handing me Jonah, the nurse did mention to us at she thought he might have a club foot and wanted me to be aware. She wasn't too sure though and pointed out for us to see it ourselves. Now of course we wanted to know all the details of the nurse's findings when she checked him, making sure he had all 10 fingers and 10 toes, but the timing was unfortunate of when she informed us.  This was our see our son. Regardless, it was a moment of clarity--to see both Patrick and me in him.  He was perfect. Just looking at him, I was awestruck. So beautiful. I said hello and that I loved him, but I think he already knew that.

Amongst this moment, we were still worried. The nurse pointed out his right foot, as it was pointed outward. Now, being first time parents, of course that was very worry-some. I didn't know the first thing about a club foot, let a lone all that it entailed. She mentioned that it could also be due to being cramped up in the womb. He did have a habit of kicking me alot in the ribs, but I wanted a pediatrician's advice. Dr. Keirum, Jonah's pediatrician visited us the next morning and informed us that a club foot involves the foot pointing the opposite, inward. He was convinced it was due to being in the womb and just as he thought, Jonah's foot moved into position nicely over the next few days.

We learned it's tradition to play, "Twinkle, twinkle little star" when a new baby is born in the birthing ward at Good Samaritan.  My parents, sister and brother all heard the music and knew Jonah was here. 

He is the joy of our lives and we cannot imagine life without him.

Here is a video of his first moments:

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Julianne said...

ahhh, there is nothing happier then birth of ur own child.. its a feeling from god,, that a woman will never endure.. we all say yes its pain, but we cant ever imagine the pain again.. tho its all worth it.. even tho its 29yrs later. lol. he looks like you and even patrick in his birth pic,, beautiful baby boy.

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