a big boy


Just a short recap of Jonah and what he's been up to!  

I took this video to show Patrick's mom(Grammy) how big Jonah is getting...walking, drinking from his sippee..etc.  Please disregard the coughing..he's been battling a neverending cough! It was too big to attach in a file..so here it is for everyone to see on our site:) 

One happy gal


finished in 1:38:22
I did it.  I finally ran my first half marathon!  The Seattle 'RocknRoll' half marathon was a great one to choose for my first. I say that because I know I'll now run more..it's addicting! Before the race I had thoughts that I truly just wanted it over with and that I was tired of training, running, and just the whole idea of it.  I can see now why it's so addicting and how my efforts (long runs, sore legs, and vast amounts of conversations with myself wondering why I was doing this...) payed off.   The weather was perfect, and the course was great. The energy is overwhelming and literally all around you. We ran through the I-90 tunnel..the energy gave me chills and pushed me through the last three miles.  There were so many emotions running, I cannot even describe the feeling.  I realized I have great friends with which we support each other and our goals. Meeting up at the end was so great, as it was amazing to see my wonderful husband and son at the finish line.

I did it. I am proud of what I and our team accomplished..did I mention I am one happy gal?

  Now...when should I start training for my full?? :)

at the Expo
38,000 people at the start line
like our tats?!

my reason
we finished
Banana, anyone?!
Team Footfire
Sarah, Amber, Mike, and Brenda



the beginning of beginnings..


Jonah has taken his first steps...I've found that he's most confident after he eats(don't ask me why...guess the term ' using food for fuel' can be used at any age). So..I captured a shining moment after dinner..

You can tell his determination will get him walking everywhere in no-time. And so it begins.... :)