Thru the eyes of a child


This Christmas was special-as it was Jonah's first. It was low key, but one we will always remember. The idea of a "first" Christmas was surreal to me. Days leading up to Christmas morning, I've been pondering of what makes Christmas special. The first glimpse of the tree, the excitement of Christmas morning, hearing the story of baby Jesus. All these point to an innocence that is so real. The idea of seeing it through the eyes of a child gave me a different outlook on the joy of Christmas. It was such a gift in itself to watch Jonah experience all that Christmas has to offer.

Christmas eve we went to church. We experienced a candle lit service while Jonah, all dressed up in his cute outfit, played in the nursery with other little ones. The service was beautiful. I stopped and listened to the Christmas hymns and couldn't dismiss the presence of my Grandma and Grandpa and the memories they gave me as child during Christmas time. Every year, my Grandpa would read the Christmas story. I'd sit on his lap and sometimes he'd even let me recite the story. Looking at the candles lit around me, I hoped that in the years ahead and within my lifetime I would bestow a memorable tradition for Jonah during Christmas, as my grandparents did.

Christmas morning was full of excitement as Jonah would get excited about each gift. Stockings were opened and every gift was new and something to take in. Of course he enjoyed all the paper and bows that surrounded the new, exciting toys. We'd have to take away each new toy in order to open another gift. Jonah even got a little taste of his first cinnamon roll-a tradition we have to make on Christmas morning.

As I sit and ponder wether or not I did it all right-if the traditions were made, if the right movies were watched, if the ornaments were placed correctly on the tree..I realize that it truly isn't all about the "necessities" of Christmas. It's the innocence and joy that is present that matters. I believe Jonah experienced all that. God asks us to have a child like faith. I've realized this year that if Christmas gives us all a glimpse of a child's innocence, then the birth of His son brings more to the meaning of Christmas then we already know.

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Pat McCarter said...

Oh wow! Well said. I miss Grandma and Grandpa too. I'm so glad they gave you a good sense of tradition.

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