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One of the main reasons I haven't kept up to date on my postings is that most of my time has been devoted to the re-launch of my Arbonne business! For those of you who aren't aware, I started Arbonne back in 2007 and built a district in as little as 6 months. At that time, I was still working 40 hours a week. To say it straight, "life happened" and it amounted to the fact that I didn't have the time I wanted to devote solely to my business. I stepped down in 2008 but still continued to provide Arbonne with my loyal clients. Now, being a stay at home mom, I have more time to devote to my business and am overly excited!

Truthfully, this decision to re-launch hasn't been easy. I have really struggled with the desire to contribute financially to my family. Patrick and I are stable enough for me to stay home, but personally I want to make a difference. I loved being in activity, sharing Arbonne with others. I want to have a place an
d share that difference with others. I prayed about it and know that God has given me the "go-ahead". So-with two feet in, I plan to have my re-launch party in October! I've been reviewing, learning, and actively speaking to those around me what Arbonne is all about! If you haven't heard, or I haven't told you already, I'd love to share that difference Arbonne's products have with you.

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