Thanksgiving just needs family


Patrick's dad came to visit this year for the week of Thanksgiving. It was so great to spend time with him. We all enjoyed watching him interact with Jonah. Jonah had a chance to play, share cheerios, and cuddle with his PopPop.

We had planned on heading down to Oregon this year, but the weather inhibited us from driving down. We were afraid the weather might keep Allan from catching his flight back to NC a few days after Thanksgiving. So, this Thanksgiving turned into a different one at best. I was a little sad, knowing that Jonah wasn't going to be able to experience all that Thanksgiving has to offer-the feast of food and time with other family members, but we made the best of it. Afterall-Thanksgiving is about sharing time with those you love. We went out to eat, and I did manage to get some turkey and pumpkin pie.

And and added bonus?! Patrick let me whip out all the Christmas decorations one day early...needless to say I enjoyed our first Thanksgiving, soon to be Christmas, as a family.

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