Something to celebrate!!


With the passing of both my grandparents in January, the year, thus far, has been hard for our family. Looking forward and moving on, we had an opportunity to celebrate new beginnings yesterday. With a total count of 32 dear friends and family members we celebrated a soon to be new member of the Hancock household! My loving mom hosted the shower for me that I will forever remember. The shower was equipped with all the traditions- games that stemmed several laughs, a delicious meal-made with love from my mom, an overwhelming explosion of gifts-several handmade and dear to our family, and an abundance of excitement. Thank you to all who could be there and share this special new beginning in our lives!! :)

Showered with love..

This past Thursday my co-workers thru me a baby shower! It was so fun to see all the hard work they put into it-complete with games, lunch, gifts, the best tasting red velvet cake around, and adorable decorations! I have to give props to my friend Elizabeth who has mastered the "balloon diaper"!! It was so fun opening all the gifts and to experience the excitement, knowing we are going to have a little blessing soon! A big THANK YOU goes to all who were able to come and help me celebrate:)

HAITI Relief


Late January, Patrick had the opportunity to aid in the Haiti Relief effort. Based out of Charleston AFB, SC he led a crew into Haiti and helped deliver cargo where needed. Several missions took place transporting cargo and supplies to and from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In 10 days time he brought 70 thousand pounds of cargo into Haiti and returned to the US with 111 refugees. What an amazing experience. He’s repeatedly expressed how it was one of the most rewarding and challenging missions he has had yet. You can read more about his mission on the link below.

Reserve Airmen join in relief operations for Haiti

Just hangin' out..


This video was taken at 20 weeks. He's just content as can be:)

Time is sooo slow..

Weeks 12-21..

I had a conversation the other day with a friend about how time passes so much faster as you get older. She told me of a theory she read about. When we are younger, we are experiencing new things in our lives, those times are filled with drama, excitement, and anticipation. As we get older-birthdays, anniversaries, and events continue to take place and that anticipation dies. Coincidentally, time seems to pass by faster. Since pregnancy is a brand new experience for me-I have anticipated his arrival with excitement! Experiencing time as I did when younger has it's cons...VERY slow. Every week Patrick looks at me and says he's getting so big! Even though I know he continues to grow, I am tired of waiting for his arrival. We are so happy and excited for the day he comes. God has truly blessed us.

And we are off...!!

Alright...I gave in..and have wondered into the whole world of blogging. I figured it was about time, as Patrick and I are starting a family and even though I love to sit and create scrapbook pages and books, I'd like to have something viewable online for family and friends to see. :)