Traditions hold strong


This year Iam really thankful for traditions.  I’ve learned that traditions are very comparable to the definition of a true friend.  Regardless of what hiccups you’ve had along the way, it will always pick up where you’ve left off-no grudges or questions asked.   This year Jonah experienced Thanksgiving in all its glory.  Slightly different from last year, he saw traditions at first hand—however, I want to note that I would never demote last year’s Thanksgiving in any way.  We made wonderful memories.  Reflecting on last year, and the time spent with our family makes me smile.  I am once again reminded that Thanksgiving, in addition to the tradition of a good meal, is TOO, about family and its importance. I look back and smile at Jonah’s innocence and laughter at 'Sharis', and release any grudge I held against the weather.  

Our family holds traditions-a large table is always beautifully set for dinner.  There will always be grandma Reimer’s crescent rolls made, lima beans present, and although you may not notice it, celery will always make its appearance in my mother’s stuffing.  My aunt will always make her delicious green jello salad and some type of cream pie (chocolate or coconut) will sit at the desert table waiting to be devoured.  A blessing is always said, thanking our heavenly Father for the many blessings He has given us, expressing our gratitude for family and friends to gather together.  Laughter, stories, and smiles fill our home—something that I look forward to each and every year. 
Eighteen of our family members gathered together yesterday to enjoy the traditions our family has made.  It brought me a sigh of relief. Our family traditions held strong.  Not that I had any doubt they wouldn’t, but it was so nice to experience the joy of Thanksgiving and what I’ve grown up with it being.  Enjoy a few snapshots we took throughout the day. 

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