First hair cut


I had to mentally prepare myself for today. What may not seem a big deal to some, it surely was one for me.  One that marks a deeper reality that my son is growing up.  Jonah had his first hair cut today.

He sat with many options for distraction--a gadget filled police car, several toys, and a movie to watch. Watching the stylist put his cape on, Jonah was probably more ready than I was at that moment.  A moment that most likely was nothing out of the ordinary for others, but one I had to embrace myself for.  This was my baby--getting his first hair cut. I managed to get by with only a few tears myself--knowing the very hair that was getting trimmed was the virgin hair he was born with.  With only a few fearful cries himself, Jonah sat and got a stylish new do.

As much as I wanted to keep it (and I did..a small amount for keepsake), the cut was much needed.  He now sports a handsome cut, lacking any makings of a fine haired mullet, and providing us a clear view of his ears. My 'not-so-little' man looks so handsome. 

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