Grandma Reimer


This Saturday will be one year since my Grandma passed away. I don't know if it's the time of year, or just the complexity of how our minds work that have allowed me to remember and reflect on who my Grandma was and the special place she will always have in my heart.

These past couple of weeks I really have sensed my Grandma and her presence. She's been all around me. The candlelit service on Christmas eve allowed me to reflect on the traditions she and my Grandpa bestowed. The simple act of baking cookies yesterday made me remember of when she taught me how to get all of the cookie dough off the sides of the bowl by scraping with a knife. It's always a flick of the wrist and knock of the knife on the bowl-something that I do to this day. The picture above reflects the last time I saw her-Thanksgiving 2009. I was pregnant with Jonah, and she asked me when I was due. I told her April 9th. She simply stated, "April 12th is a good day." That day signified love and hope in my grandma's life, as it would have marked my grandparents 65th wedding Anniversary. Of course, God knew that Jonah would come on April 12th. When my grandma passed, I feel like God gave that day to our family and simultaneously allowed my grandmother to leave her legacy.

Little instances like these have given me a picture of who my Grandma was- faithful, perceptive, and hopeful. Amongst the business of life, I love when I am reminded of her. I hope when memories come to the surface in the future that I will continue to see and learn of the wonderful woman my Grandma was.

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