PopPop's visit


This past week Jonah had a new best friend--PopPop. Momma and Dadda weren't 'cool' anymore.  :)
Allan, Patrick's father, came to visit from NC this past week.  Jonah recognized him and continued to follow Allan around all week. It was a layed back visit, but one to remember and cherish.  The men all spent some much needed time together. Here are a few snapshots of our time together on just --one-- of several trips we took to the park..

I love this picture...even if it's a little funny. Jonah clearly DID NOT want to leave the park...

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justmejuli said...

love the pic of u trying to get Jonah to leave the park, this wont be the be last time,, of the pic. iam sure, lol wait till he is bout 29 and dont want to leave. lol.. j/k,, does he like the swinging? Trenton dont. great pic's./and you look so young too. (must take after ur mom). lol

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