to {be} happy


Justing typing the definition confirms my belief that Monika and Aaron's wedding day had happiness written all over it. There are several other positive words(love, honesty, joy, loyalty, friendship, and family are just a few) that I could use to describe that day..happy is what comes to mind most. I witnessed happiness in the quiet tears shed before the bride walked down the isle. I saw happiness in the 'high five' given between the couple when pronounced man and wife. I witnessed the emotion in the eyes of family and friends who were there to celebrate. Happiness was reflected in the laughter, stories, and memories shared during dinner. And the abundance of dancing definitely reflected it.

As stated in previous posts-it was an honor to be a part of this special union between friends.  We wish them a beautiful marriage and happy life together.  I've been waiting with anticipation to share the moments of happiness that were captured from that day-- below are some of my favorites.  

'A Niko productions' did a fabulous job of capturing the couple and their special day.  You can view more here

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Love you was a beautiful day and Happiness is definitely a key way to describe the joy that was going on in our hearts. Thank you for being such a special part in our day. We loved having Patrick and you there to support our new journey. Thank you for this post. Love it! - Monika Turpen

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