swinging spontaneously


I've been eyeing this swing all winter--I pass it nearly everyday near our home, and anticipate when the weather will be good enough to visit the local park.  Yesterday the sun was shining.   Jonah and I took full advantage of the slight bit of warmth and made a spontaneous stop so he could finally experience 'swinging' and all the fun it has to offer.  Needless to say, he enjoyed 'swinging' and we look forward to many more trips when sunny days come more often.

Jonah's first birthday is just around the corner (3 days to be exact). I say all the time, "I want him to stay little" and secretively do.  But just as time comes and goes, so do the firsts we experience.   I guess that's what I don't want to lose with him as he gets older...the firsts. The first smile, laugh, foods, scoots, steps, or words..I don't want to miss. So even if it was spontaneous, it was well worth it to watch him enjoy the wind blowing and the feeling of freely swinging in mid air.  Hopefully there are many more firsts to come--'swinging' has been happily (and spontaneously) marked off the list.   

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