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Since becoming a mom, I've noticed I've become a bit more festive with holidays--not over the top "National Lampoon's Christmas vacation' like, but I've found myself browsing the internet for holiday themed projects, having a slight increase in my normal excitement, and spending long amounts of time in the holiday section of stores(target in particular--paroosing through the vast amount of holiday themed candy, decor, decorations, and holiday baking gadgets makes me happy and content..can't explain it) 

(hopefully you can see the green in his shirt..the pictures didn't pick up the green hue well enough, in my opinion)

That said, today has given me an excuse to dive into my newfound excitement of holidays and all the 'green' that St. Patrick's day has to offer.  This year I tried something new and made the adorable rainbow cupcakes seen above. (idea found here) If you would have been in my kitchen yesterday you would have heard the shriek of giddiness when I cut into the cupcake only to reveal the perfectly layered rainbow.  It was fun, and I cannot wait until Jonah gets older so he can help me in the kitchen create these masterpieces!  I snapped a few photos of Jonah this morning-- even though he's wearing green I just might have to pinch him a few times because he's that cute. :)

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Jill said...

Your cupcakes turned out wonderful!! Thank-you so much for linking to me.

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