a perfect remembrance


Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with the McCarter family.  Several family members came together from afar to celebrate.  We ate a delicious dinner and all gathered in the downstairs room by the tree to open gifts.  My memories of Christmas will always hold dear to my heart.  And being in the midst of it all yesterday brought back memories of my childhood and all the joy and wonderment I held at Christmas--The tree all lit up, the chaos of opening presents, the warmth, the smell, the decorations. This year held all of that.  It was perfect. 

McCarter Family Christmas 2011

The remembrance of Christmas I carry is exactly what my mother wanted for her grandchildren this year. For a moment, just a small moment, I sat from across the room and watched my mother. She grinned as she witnessed all the wonderment of Christmas in her house.  I knew she was content.  In that split of a moment I captured, I knew she had received that perfect gift she worked so hard to receive.   She witnessed grandchildren in awe of Christmas.  The soft glow of colored Christmas lights on the tree, the joy of opening yet another gift from grandma and grandpa, eagerness as children opened their stockings, "mmmms" from the taste of grandma's frosted sugar cookie--it was all there. She witnessed  the sharing of toys with cousins, the twirls of her granddaughter's new Christmas skirt, the giggles, excitement, and an abundance of  "Thank You"s.  It was all accounted for.   

Merry Christmas, Mom.  You've given us a gift in itself this year--a perfect remembrance of Christmas.

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