Grammy's visit


This past week Patrick's mom, Julie, came to visit us from North Carolina.  It was a much anticipated visit, as the opportunity to visit doesn't always come as often as we'd like it to.  Patrick is currently driving her to the airport, and I sit with a lump in my throat.  I hate to see her go, as her visits are always anticipated and loved by our family.  

The week was pretty laid back, and I think that's how we intended it to be.  Our week consisted of a couple trips to the park, normal errands, a doctor's visit, a couple homemade meals, an early celebration of Patrick's birthday, and a few hours of pampering for the ladies(a mother's day treat!).  It was fun watching Jonah interact with his Grammy. There were many lazy mornings and afternoons playing with toys on the living room floor.  Hugs, laughs, and loves were given and received between them both.  We all caught up, shared stories, and noticed more and more similarities between Jonah and Patrick.  

That said, having her here gave way for more stories of when Patrick was little.  Learning of the tendencies, temperaments, and habits Patrick held as a child painted a noticeable connection between father and son.  It was fun to hear of all the glory and fun Julie has had as his mother. Truthfully, learning more of the amazing mother and woman Julie is, there were moments I second guessed my mothering abilities.  After all, an amazing mother stood before me.  She was there though, to pick me right up, encourage me, and give me so much support in what I am currently doing, and continuously strive to be.  I cannot help but smile on the blessing God has bestowed on me and our family to have such a wonderful Grammy for Jonah, loving mother to Patrick, and a sweet, caring mother-in-law, always willing to offer any words of encouragement, support, or advice.  

It will be a couple months until we see her again.  I am sure many more laughs, and stories are on the agenda. I cannot wait to spend more time watching the interaction between her and Jonah. I love the joy and pride she holds watching her son fly.  And I love the moments of motherhood clarity I experience when with her. 

Until then, here are a few captured moments to smile on. 

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