{Yellow} is a Valentine's day color


You would think that I would know what day of the week Valentine's day falls on this year.  After all, it is Jonah's first Valentine's day.  Even though Valentine's day is a commercialized day, giving reason for many to spend money on flowers and chocolates,  it really should be every day we tell others we love them. But of course, I give into the commercialism and love when this day rolls around.  I am all smiles on this day, because..well...that's me, and if I have an excuse to wear red, make cookies, eat chocolate, give valentines, and celebrate love..well then I am all in! It also marks the first day Patrick and I spoke 9 years ago (yes,..I am that crazy to remember that!) and I cannot resist the urge to celebrate my new love of 'mommyhood' so of course this year is special in, and by, itself. 

So, as stated...I thought I'd know when the 14th rolled around this year. For some reason I convinced myself that Valentine's day was Tuesday of this week.  I had celebrated the day on Friday of last week with Patrick, as he is currently on a trip and we'd miss the day together. I still had planned on celebrating the day with Jonah--fully equipped with the appropriate love attire, a menu of red/pink/white foods(yes..there are purees he can enjoy festively), and of course smother him with all the hugs and kisses I desired! (because I know there will be a day when embarrassment will set in--affection from mom will be forced to drop down a notch in front of his friends..I can just see it now!)  It was all ready, but all ready for Tuesday. Not today. 

Nope.  Today I dressed him in yellow. It did not appear to me until I was on the way to the gym that TODAY in fact, was Valentine's day. Really, Sarah?! He had the cutest little shirt to wear.  Yes, for a second I thought..I can turn around, go back home, and change him. (I truly am admitting that) I then decided not to.  It didn't matter.  The little boy in the backseat was babbling away.  Looking in the rearview mirror, I just smiled. I love that little man. His laughter and innocence makes my heart melt.  My worries of what he was wearing became so cynical in my mind.  At that point, it really didn't matter if he was wearing a snowsuit. 

Most likely Jonah will not remember his first Valentine's day, let alone what he wore.  And who really will notice anyway, except me?  He did manage to have some strawberry puree this morning..so celebrations are somewhat still present.  It just goes to show you that sporting your festive attire on the 15th, rather than the 14th states that we never need an excuse to celebrate love.  So tomorrow Jonah will be decked out in his, "#1 with the Ladies" onesie.  Today, yellow will be just fine for my little Valentine. :)   

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