--God's plan has purpose--


This day 29 years ago, God placed me in the arms of a loving family. At birth, I was placed in a children's baptist home when Pat, now my adoptive mother, received a call that a baby girl was available for adoption. My mom had one box of disposable diapers, one can of formula, and one blanket.  God answered her prayers of wanting a child and  knew that I was what she needed.   You can read more of my adoptive story here (described by my mother), but I couldn't resist posting the importance of this day.   I have learned that God truly does have a purpose for our lives, answers prayers, and knows what is best for us.

Over the years my mom has described to me the overwhelming joy she experienced when she received that call.   Seeing my son born and grow has been an amazing experience as a mother. I now know that joy she describes, fully understand, and am even more grateful.  I will be forever grateful for my mom and all the sacrifices she has made towards giving me a life full of love and faith.  Most importantly, I am forever grateful for God's plan. There are moments where I sit and really reflect on how it has fully come into place.  I kind of have those, "a hah" moments.  Where would my life be now? Without that call I wouldn't be where I am today.   I would have had a different childhood, different friends, different family, and a completely different life.  I would have never met Patrick, most likely wouldn't be living where I am living, and little Jonah sleeping quietly upstairs as I type this, would not be around. Imagining my life any different is difficult.  I am forever grateful that I don't have to experience my life any differently than the one God has planned for me. 

My mom and I quietly celebrate this day between us every year.  She emails me, calls me, or now days, even texts me the story of how she got that wondrous call.  And without fail, I receive a bouquet of flowers from my mom.  Every year a gorgeous array of lilies and roses have sat and waited in my college dorm's office, on my desk at work, or on my porch step. This year isn't any different.  I came home from the gym this morning to see this arrangement on my doorstep.  She always remembers, as will I. 

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Mon said...

Truly one of the best days of your life! I am thankful you were blessed by your family!

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