{showers of many blessings}


Recently I've had the privilege to attend two wedding showers honoring Monika. Each one reflected creativity and thoughtfulness.  Petite chicken curry salad sandwiches, chocolate soup, bleu cheese/apple quiche, and Austrian twist pastries were just a few items on the delicious food spreads presented.

The first was hosted by a dear friend, Ann Wylam.  Cards of advice were handed out, and guests shared stories.   A slide show reflecting Monika's journey towards love was presented, gifts opened, and many laughs shared.  Jinx Brandt, a long time family friend hosted the second shower.  Her creativity shined from the start, as invitations called to decorate a 'paper doll' bride with words of wisdom on her gown.  Guests released their artsy selves and displayed their paper gowns at the shower. I orchestrated games around a kitchen theme.  Gifts were given, laughs held, and a few tears of joy were spread. 

 Each shower revealed how blessed Monika is and the friendships she has. Guests in attendance portrayed a pure joy, love, and happiness for Monika and her family. It was clear that this time is very special to all those in the lives of the happy couple. Stories of how family members met, and the devotion of attending this special day warmed my heart. As I sat assembling Monika's 'bow bouquet' at each shower, I couldn't help but notice her ever present smile.  She glowed and will continue to! Witnessing the love, laughter, and joy in each room will always sit in my mind.   I cannot wait for this special day!!





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