{taking a little credit}


Back in 2008 we set up my dearest friend Monika with Patrick's college friend, Aaron.  From the moment I heard that Aaron was single, I made sure to put in a good word.  Patrick and I did our part, frequently, in-planting little seeds of information about each friend to the other.  Finally, the initial phone call was made by Aaron and it has been bliss ever since! Boldly, we predicted that they would "click" and forecasted a wedding in the future. We were right in such a bold prediction, as they are getting married this February:) 

Their friendships mean a lot to both Patrick and I.  I've known Monika since 7th grade and our friendship has only gotten stronger over the years.  You know those friendships you hear about that last a lifetime?  I am sure Monika and my friendship is one of them..we are going on 17 years(that's crazy). Aaron has always been there for Patrick and visa versa.  When those two men get together the fun comes out in both of them.  It's always great to watch and listen to the two of them talk about all things from planes, music, and life in general.  

I have to mention that Patrick and I would have never even mentioned either of them to each other if we didn't think it would work.  I think we've both realized awhile ago that our friendships with each of them are special and we have always, in some ways, been protective of their hearts. Monika's outgoing, spicy, and fun personality needed that balance.  Aaron's laid back, easy going persona would do just that. We knew though, the moment that I heard the phone ring after their first initial conversation, that they would be a hit.  It sealed the deal when I overheard Aaron let Patrick know that Monika was-and I quote this, "a bombshell".  Hilarious.  That's just hilarious.  At the same time makes me giddy for the both of them.  

This weekend marks the first of many celebrations leading up to the big day. We are both in their wedding-Patrick will be the Best Man, and I am standing by Monika's side as her Matron of Honor. This past weekend Patrick hosted the Bachelor party up here and I went down to Oregon to partake in the first of several wedding showers for Monika.  Several pictures of all these celebrations will be in up-coming posts. 

Overall--we are so excited to be apart of such a special day. We like to take a least a little bit of credit in their pairing, but in all honesty both Patrick and I know that we were just small tools in God's plan of bringing these two love birds together.   

--many wedding posts to follow-- 

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