the "snaggle" and other inheritances


Over the past few months Patrick and I have noticed certain tendencies that Jonah has inherited from his daddy.  These tendencies clearly aren't ones that Jonah has "picked up".  I am convinced that these traits have been passed down through genetics--even if they seem silly to be genetically tied. One we noticed very early is the way that Jonah sleeps.  I wish I had a picture to help describe it.  On most nights I check on Jonah and find him sprawled and stretched out to no end.  I find him with his neck arched back as if he is stretching to look behind himself, head up and mouth wide open. Coincidently, this is how Patrick sleeps. 

From the moment Patrick and I started talking about having kids, I've always joked how I would hope for our son/daughter to have his brains and my teeth.  I chuckle as I type this because it truly is something both Patrick and I giggle about.  I've been fortunate and have never carried the need for braces nor have ever had a cavity.  Patrick on the other hand has some crooked teeth--though I want to make sure to state that if he had the chance to get braces I would most likely be a little reluctant in his decision because it's who he is, and is a valuable trait I love about him.  I wouldn't change his crooked teeth for the world:)  That being said, we felt around in Jonah's mouth last night and it looks like a couple more teeth are trying to poke through...and the gums are shaped just as I thought--around a "snaggled"crooked tooth.  Both Patrick and his dad have the same "snaggle"--up left, near the canine.  It's a quirky little trait that now(I am not positively certain yet) has been passed down to Jonah.  Yes, this is just a baby tooth, but kind of funny to see the similarity. 

Every day I swear that Jonah's hair is getting lighter.  I swear his eye color changes and is closer to a light gray hue, rather than brown.  As I see Jonah becoming more like his dad in more ways then one, I smile.  I joke that Jonah is a carbon copy of Patrick, but I really do love it.  Several people have mentioned though that they see me in Jonah's expressions. I don't believe that it's a coincidence that I am one to wear all my emotions on my face either--so I'll take that and give myself a little credit.  

Regardless of what traits Jonah inherits, I find it amazing how God creates this complexity in children.  The idea that tendencies and habits are passed down to your kin are unfathomable.   I am sure next week Patrick and I will just look at each other and smile as we discover another similarity. This week it was the "snaggle".

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