Grandpa would be proud


I don't know if it's the weather, or my own moments of rest that has led me to ponder on memories lately.  I am sure it is a reflection of recent events in my life that have allowed more memories to surface. However, times with my grandfather have been vivid in my mind. My grandpa was always one to cuddle with on his chair, tease me by giving me 'bzzz bites' and tickles every now and then, and give me a better understanding of what being a farmer was all about.

I stayed one summer with my grandma and grandpa on their farm while my mother went to school and worked full time. My grandfather was gone most days, plowing the fields, which in turn, gave equal opportunity to spend precious time with my grandma and see the farmland.  We'd walk all over the farm, down to the blackberry bushes, into the hay stalls, and I'd climb all over the tractors they held there. Over the years my mom has added, telling me stories of her growing up there on the farm, and all that it entailed.

As a gift to every grandchild, my grandpa gave each of us a tractor of our own.  A green, John Deere tractor to keep, possibly play with, and treasure.  All 13 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren have a John Deere tractor.  My grandpa wanted to make sure that Jonah had his own, in the instance that he was not here when he was born.  When born, my mom loyally passed on the gift from her father to Jonah.  I know my grandpa was grinning from above.

Jonah recently has found his tractor.  He pushes it around, making the sound of a 'car' (as he calls it).  Each time he plays with it, a smile is equally on my face and in my heart.  I know my grandpa would be proud.  If he was here, I know he'd take Jonah up on his comfy lap and tell him all about the farm, tease him a little, and hold as much love for him as he did for me. In the meantime, these special moments when Jonah plays with his tractor will grant memories to re-surface of my grandpa. That makes me happy--happy to see my son enjoy such treasures as I did while young, and happy to sense a chuckle and smile from above.

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