the spin chair


Sunday's have happily turned into family days lately--which usually involves going to the park.  Today we went to one in Tacoma.  This park is more modern and has a fun playground to play in.  In the video below, Jonah is spinning in a fun bucket. It brought me back to an experience Patrick underwent in Undergraduate Pilot Training.  The dreaded "spin chair" is a chair that is used to familiarize pilots with motion and give them a sense of what motion sickness they can handle. I dug this picture up this afternoon of Patrick sitting in the "spin chair" at UPT. Enjoy the video and our little man who is already taking necessary measures to learn what being a pilot is all about! :)

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justmejuli said...

wow,, Jonah is one tough boy, I know I wouldnt had liked that.. and Patrick,, are ya praying before u spin? i would of been.. pray i dont throw up on myself. lol.. cute pic's /video.. glad ya'll had fun at the park too. do u have water parks up there? does Jonah like water too?
glad u all had fun

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