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So, I made and decorated Jonah's little 6 inch cake this past week for his birthday party.  I did not make the adorable topper(I purchased that from a cute cupcake shop on Etsy--you can view her shop here.) However, I did do all the fondant work covering it.  Rolling and kneading the fondant out, smoothing it, and making sure there were no imperfections on or around it...boy was it hard work!  They don't tell you on those cake shows ('Cake Boss' anyone?!) how difficult it is!  That being said....I think it turned out pretty good!  (Of course, my mom helped out with the piping the first go-around-but still) I also have to admit that I did a trial run the week before to see what fondant was all about.  So, up until today I had made two fondant covered cakes---successfully!!

That being said, I was given the opportunity to make another cake this afternoon for fun! My good friend, Danielle, told me she was craving some of my yummy fondant.  I of course took the opportunity to  go at it with my handy new skills.  

This is what I have to show for it..  ---------->>

I've decided my new favorite 'craft' is cake least for now..until I completely bomb the next cake and disappointment sets in.  
Until then..toot toooot! :)

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