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Yesterday I had a chance to attend a dear friend's wedding in University Place.  Karin-a loyal and long time friend from high school was the Maid of Honor.  Karin's sister, Jill, was a stunning bride.   (I am sad I didn't snap a photo or two of her!)  It truly was a beautiful wedding. I told Patrick that I can never make it through a wedding these days without a few tears.

A powerful message was given about love and the foundation of it in our marriage.  The message spoke about the happiness in our marriage, but also the struggles we endure. We can always find that inner strength, patience, love, heart to forgive, and the courage to say, "I am sorry",  from the never ending power source of our heavenly Father. The foundation of God's love in a marriage is what is most valuable. All the guests in attendance were there to celebrate Jill and Chad, yet the couple gave such an immense opportunity to their guests to see and reflect the true value in a marriage.   It allowed me to reflect on my own marriage and remember the ever-flowing source of love and power that God offers.   Cheers to the beautiful couple and the gift they gave yesterday.  

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Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I really appreciate it... It made me feel all warm and fuzzy :-)


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