a season of change


I have always loved fall.  Giving reason why our wedding anniversary lies within the fall months. There's always something about fall that makes me happy.  This year isn't any different.  If anything, I have  noticed more in this 2012 season that makes me utterly giddy with excitement than I have in past years.  One of the reasons lies in the mere idea of change. It's something about the colors of the leaves.  It's the one tree that stands out from the rest of the others- expressing such a bright yellow color, that proclaims 'fall is here'. It's the one morning that I feel a sudden crisp cool air in my lungs that wasn't present the day before.  Instead of berries and barbecue, it's the smells of apples, cinnamon, cloves, and even a warm cooked meal inviting us all to share in each other's company.  Fall is clearly a season of change.  That change is not only reflected in the leaves and weather, it gives much opportunity to reflect on the growth and change in our own lives. My happiness lies in the photos taken each year--capturing memories now and reflecting on ones we've taken in the past.

With that, here are a few years of comparisons--

And that makes me happy. 

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