Our big boy


Today we celebrated Jonah's 2nd birthday.  As noted, his birthday was in April, but his celebration has been long awaited, as we wanted to make sure Patrick was present at the party.  The theme was 'Caillou', Jonah's ultimate favorite cartoon.  I am pretty sure all those that attended this afternoon are fully aware of who Caillou is if they hadn't before today.  We celebrated Jonah's birthday with many friends and family.  We made sure pizza, dinosaurs, and cupcakes were all present--all likings of Caillou himself. 


playing with his balloons with Auntie Julie

In 'Caillou' fashion--Jonah is now the owner of Caillou shoes!
Oooohh!!! (silent, and adorable gasp)

cake time!!
blowing out his '2' candle

a favorite of several gifts--a rocket-ship!!

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