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Fourth of July 2011

This morning I was looking through photos of how much Jonah has changed in the past year.  I remember driving down for the first time with Jonah the weekend of July 4th, 2010.  It was my first trip(longer than the usual grocery store) with him.  I thought it was monumental.  We made it and I happily blogged about the visit, here.

Thinking about that trip and how much he's changed, I took a few photos this afternoon while he played with his truck around the kitchen.  I look at these photos and see the little man he is changing into.  He's full of laughter, personality, and provides us much joy.  I cannot wait to snap photos next year and compare again.

This afternoon/evening involved playing outside in the sun, visiting with great neighbors, eating some good food, and overall partaking in the festivities that the fourth of July has to offer.  Happy Fourth of July--may this year be full of celebration! :)

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