a smaller approach to 'extreme'


This past week I've developed a new hobby--couponing!  I always knew that you could save money, but never really got into couponing until now.  For a while now, I have been watching extreme couponing on TV--and honestly have been turned off by the ridiculous amount of junk(i.e processed and packaged foods) people buy and have to purchase in order to save.  So, I have taken a smaller approach to the whole world of couponing--scaled it down a bit, and have decided to just save on household items and occasional food items we use normally(if I get a good price). I figure the bulk of our money goes to household items anyway when on a weekly shopping trip, so why not stock up and save for the future?  Plus, it's nice to just go to the 'stock pile' and grab a bottle of shave gel if we run out! Last week I saved over $150.00! 

Value: $60.10,
Paid $16.64
a 72% savings
It's no 'extreme' TLC episode by all means, but it has truly given me confidence in knowing that I can help our family financially, even if I am a stay at home mom.   

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LOVE THIS!!!!! (sung in high pitched voice)

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